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Our Services

Sand and Refinish

We will sand and refinish your floors, applying two coats of poly. Any additional coat or coats will incur an extra charge of $1 per square foot.


Special deals are available for installations and refinishing. Feel free to inquire about these deals when i come out for an estimate

Discontinued ATM


Laminate Install

Considering the fact that laminate floors have to be installed to perfection, therefore you have our word. "It will be installed to perfection."

Discontinued ATM

Vinyl Install

Given the delicate nature of vinyl flooring, which tends to be more fragile and prone to breaking, we assure you that we will take utmost care and caution during the installation process to minimize any potential issues.

Discontinued ATM

Buff and coat

We will only buff and coat floors that meet our buff and coat requirements. If your floors do not qualify, we may recommend sanding and refinishing instead.


What we Charge/SF.

Natural Finish




Stain Finish



Custom Stain


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